‘Cross Canada: Here we go…

With the test trip completed, the bike fitted, the gear packed, and the routes downloaded, there’s not much to do now for the big trip but to anxiously wait through the final 24 hours before Oliver and I fly-off to Vancouver. I talked in more detail about the ride and the route we are taking in my last post, so I’ll keep the extra details to a minimum. Since that post we’ve modified the route to remove Jasper and take a slightly different route through Alberta and Saskatchewan for the sake of saving a bit of time and distance. The new route looks more like this:

We’ve cut down the total distance by about 500km to 6350km 

Most of the gear listed previously hasn’t changed though I have swapped out some kit and upped my front dry bag from 5L to 10L for a little extra food carrying capacity. All together the gear I’m taking is:


And it somehow all manages to fit into:

From left to right, I have a 14L saddle pack, a 14L frame pack, a 0.6L top tube bag, and a 10L dry bag I’m mounting to my aero bars

The little orange device to the right of the sunglasses in the gear picture is a SPOT Gen3 GPS Beacon that not only allows us to send SOS messages when in dire need but can also provide live tracking and daily check-in messages. We’ve aptly named the emergency GPS beacon the Beacon of Gondor. To follow along with our live tracking (once we hit the road, of course), check out our SPOT page here.

That’s about all I have for now. To follow along with our adventure beyond the live tracker, I’ll be trying to upload my rides daily on Strava and I’ll try to post weekly-ish updates and photos here on Quads of Carbon!

Well, here goes nothin’…


Cheers and Ride On!




5 thoughts on “‘Cross Canada: Here we go…”

  1. Hi Evan…….so thrilled I get to follow you on your Blog…… All the very best as you embark on this amazing adventure tomorrow. Congratulations as you take off! Love from your BC cheering section……Aunt Shirley😘


  2. I am living vicariously through your adventure will be watching and cheering you on every push of the pedal. Take time to look around every now and then and have lots of fun.
    Love You, Aunt Sherrin


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