‘Cross Canada: Days 27 & 28

Day 27

Well. It’s actually the end of day 28 now. I had nearly finished writing day 27 but WordPress deleted my draft so it will be a bit abbreviated.

We woke up in our nice forest hideaway to an onslaught of bugs. This made for one of our fastest pack-ups yet. While we had originally planned to take a rest day today, we weren’t feeling like taking a full day off but the wind also wasn’t looking great. For starters, we made our way down the 13km to the Subway down the road and had breakfast. After scoping out the following days, we decided to just head to Ashland instead; another 45km.

The wind was quite in our faces once we made it out of the first and on to the shores of Superior. The 30kph streak was definitely in jeopardy, but a late game push brought the average on the day to 30.1!

The first stop on our tour of Ashland was the McDonald’s for a refreshing smoothie and some WiFi to figure out where we should go on our tour of Ashland. After a lunch of sampling all their dipping sauces with chicken nuggets, we moved down the street to a local cafe. We hung out here for a few hours just relaxing and reading.

When we finally got somewhat hungry again, we made our around the corner to the local co-op grocery store for the classic bread and cold cuts dinner. Though this time it featured a super-green smoothie (much to Oliver’s dismay). As we sat pondering what to do with the evening and where to camp we both spied, on two separate occasions, a ten dollar bill blowing down the sidewalk. We took our new found $20 for the final stop on our tour – the brewery across the street.

Oliver turning water into beer

The flight of six beers at 5oz a piece sounded like a great idea but I quickly regretted it considering I’d just eaten an entire baguette. When the nasuea from all that carb-y liquid finally subsided, we set off in search of a place to camp as the sun was setting. After scouring the waterfront trail, we settled on a nice little nook off the trail, next to the lake. We set up camp and called it a night.

But wait. The day wasn’t to be over yet. Shortly before midnight we were both abruptly woken up (okay, Oliver was…it took a bit for me to wake up) by some bright lights shining in our tents. We’d been found by the Ashland police….

Turns out they weren’t too bothered by us camping there. They were actually just out looking for the owner of a car that had been suspiciously parked nearby for a couple of days. Once we told them about the trip they seemed interested and gave us the old “technically you shouldn’t do this but…” and went off looking for whoever they were looking for. Finally, we rested.

Day 27

We were up decently early this morning and packed up quickly, not wanting to cause any more reason for someone to call the police about two guys sleeping in the park. After a hearty pancake breakfast, we hit the road.

Today was looking to be a pretty average day. Hilly in the morning, around 140km, shouldn’t take too long. The only bothersome part was another time change shortening our daylight by an hour. The first block rolled by pretty painlessly. We were both feeling pretty out of it during the second block so it actually passed by rather quickly in somewhat of a daze. Part way through that block we crossed another state of the list; we were into Michigan and our final leg of the USA section!

Around 80km into the day we stopped for lunch in the surprisingly bustling town of Wakefield. The town may have been bustling, but the only restaurant was a breakfast diner that closed in an hour…time for breakfast #2! After breakfast, I brought myself back to life with a pop which was enjoyed while sitting beside their impressive military memorial honouring everyone from this town that has served in the military. It was astounding and a little frightening to see just how many people from this small town had joined some branch of the US military. Especially the number of families or groups of siblings…

Checking where we’ve come from and where we’re going

After lunch, we hammered out a quicker 30km to a lake where we attempted to remove some of the sunscreen and road grime without getting soaking wet. The temperature was hovering around 20C today so we weren’t actually getting that toasty. The afternoon haze seemed to set in pretty quickly… All the forecasts were saying completely clear and sunny but I guess this is just how the Michigan sky is?

We completed the final leg of the day to Bruce Crossing and found some dinner (and WiFi) and one of the few restaurants dotting this highway crossing. We were still hoping to swim to feel a little cleaner before we went to bed so we rolled 11km down the road to some larger-than-expected waterfalls.

I didn’t get a good shot of the falls, but we washed off right near the top of them.

After cleaning off we went in search of a place to camp and eat our dessert of half-priced sugar cookies from the local grocery store! Tomorrow we make for Marquette. Another somewhat average day with good weather, though we may seek a motel to shower properly after three nights of sweaty tenting.

Cheers and Ride On!



3 thoughts on “‘Cross Canada: Days 27 & 28”

  1. Do you think the haze was from Ontario forest fires? It was VERY hazy in Winnipeg thru the Whiteshell on Saturday. Just curious how far the haze spread.


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