New Year, New Blog?

Well, well, well. Here we are. Another year has gone by. And with the old year and decade gone, we welcome in the most important of celebrations: the first birthday of Quads of Carbon! It’s nigh a year since I started this blog, originally with the intent to fill it with random Zwift musings I was having and, ultimately, to use it as a trip log for my Cross Canada trip. Well, I did that. I wrote many a post about various Zwift-related things that went mostly unread. Then I flooded the timeline of the blog with 20-odd posts to form a breadcrumb trail of a story across Canada. Then…well then it was time to find a grown-up job and that took up most of my attention (that and my bikes, of course).

So now what? Well, now I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution: bi-weekly blog posts! (I’ll leave that up to interpretation whether that’s the once-every-two-weeks “bi-weekly” or the twice-a-week “bi-weekly”). I’m not a big proponent of New Year’s Resolutions in the general sense, but I do like setting – and achieving – challenges for myself. Starting said challenges at the beginning of a new year just makes my OCD happy. In actuality, I’m aiming for 25 blog posts this year rather than strictly bi-weekly because, again, OCD.

But why?

Last year I challenged myself to “read” 50 books over the year (“read” includes audiobooks). I’d have set it at a book a week, but 50 is a much more aesthetically pleasing number (OCD, remember?). I’d set another book-related goal, but I can only handle so many hobbies where I want to spend 10+ hours a week on them (I’m looking at you, cycling). So now I’ll switch to a different basic skill and set a resolution about writing. I rather enjoy writing and writing these blog posts, it’s just that it’s a hobby that usually falls into the “boy, I’d like to do more of that but [excuse], [excuse], [excuse]” category. No more of that drivel, now it’s a semi-priority.

Okay cool, but will you have enough to write about if you aren’t biking across the country again?

I don’t know. Maybe? I hope so. As I write this, I’m literally days away from packing up and moving to Calgary for that new job I wrote about last time, so I’m sure that adventure will bring some “creative inspiration” along the way. And short of grand adventures, there’s still three more quality months of Zwift weather ahead (read: winter). I always have something Zwifty to write about – I just don’t want to bore you.

On that note, the content of this blog is likely to be quite different than it has been for the past eight months. I can only ride across the country, set a world record, and find a sweet new job so many times. So, I totally won’t be offended if you decide to unsubscribe from my emails – sometimes even I want to escape my own reveries šŸ™‚

The posts are likely to get rather technical at times – I spend too much timing digging through my ride data – but will also be about adventures or thoughts more tenuously related to cycling, as interesting ideas come to me. All I can guarantee is that the content will come – I give you permission in advance to shame me if I don’t live up to that.

A little bit of philosophy for the road

Now that I’ve made a “public” commitment to my goal for the coming year, I encourage you to make your own goal. I know I said I’m not a proponent of New Year’s Resolutions, but I do believe in challenging yourself, especially to focus on something that interests you. The goal doesn’t have to be anything big or life-changing. It doesn’t even have to take up that much time. Maybe you want to read more, or exercise more, or spend less time on your phone, or just chill out, relax, and take a bit more time for yourself. Whatever it is, I think it’s highly, highly worth it to set a small goal for yourself to nudge you into changing your focus and taking a little bit of time out of your schedule to spend some time doing something that’s important to you.

Perhaps equally as important, I think, is to make that goal something measurable (25 books in the year, or 2 hours at the gym each week, or 25 blog posts, etc.). Speaking from experience of having recently made a (gorgeous) spreadsheet to see all the books I read last year, it’s a rather empowering feeling to look back at the end of the year and, unequivocally, say “yes, I did that, I’m awesome”. With a vague goal of “do more of [activity]”, it can be all to easy to convince yourself that you could’ve done more than you did, even though you still accomplished something great.

And on that note, so long for now! Hopefully these more frequent posts will keep me from being as long-winded, but that seems doubtful. Apologies in advance, and here’s to a new year!


Cheers and Ride On!




3 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog?”

  1. Enjoyed your post very much! Your writing gift is very evident. Keep it up; it’s fun to join you on your journey.


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